How to find the perfect alternative engagement ring

A quick Google search for engagement rings brings up many “ top engagement trends” lists, but what do you do if you’re looking for something different? One that is truly what you want, not just what you are “supposed” to wear. Searching for an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, whether you’re looking for something they can’t help but say yes to or choosing the perfect ring as an already engaged couple. It’s one of the few pieces of jewellery you’ll wear all day every day, so it’s important it compliments your unique style. If you’ve never considered designing your engagement ring before, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Designing a unique engagement ring is all about channelling your style to create a piece that’s as unique as you. 

Start with the basics 

Impacting every aspect of your ring from materials to stones, your budget needs to be comfortable and reasonable. I advise settling on a budget that isn’t going to be an overstretch, otherwise you’ll find the whole process stressful when it should be enjoyable. Once you’ve got your budget in place, share it with your jeweller so they can show you everything in your price range. Advising on budget is just one of the things we help our bespoke customers with to create an enjoyable process.

Now comes the fun part, getting inspiration, we love Pinterest and Instagram for this. Choose your favourite styes and come armed with examples to help your jeweller know what to show you. Or even better, opt for a bespoke ring and combine your favourite aspects of all of them for a truly unique piece. 

Finally it’s the ring itself - the materials and size. When choosing a metal you want one that will go with your existing jewellery. For example, if you or your partner often wear silver jewellery then white gold or platinum are the best option. We offer 18ct yellow, white, and rose gold as well as platinum so your ring will go with everything. Once you’ve designed or chosen your ring you need to make sure it’s going to fit correctly. Using your existing rings as a guide is great but remember that your fingers can change throughout the day so go for a comfortable fit that won’t slip off. 

Alternative stones

The stones you choose can completely change the look of your ring and there are plenty of alternatives to white diamonds available. If you’re looking for something truly unique, Salt and Pepper Diamonds are a great option. Each has its own set of patterns and flecks, so no two look the same. The amount of flecks each one has changes the look - more flecks gives an overall darker appearance whereas fewer flecks makes it look brighter. They come in a range of colours and can be cut to any shape.

Another great alternative to traditional white diamonds are Black or Grey Diamonds. They are the perfect accompaniment to Salt and Pepper Diamonds or as a beautiful main stone. They are also available in salt and pepper, giving a stunning depth to the stone and the overall appearance of the ring.. 

Tourmaline is great for something totally different. Offering a wider choice of colours, from deep purple to stunning watermelon and everything in between they create stunning rings. Some people also believe them to have special properties, adding a special layer of importance to the ring. 

Using you or your partner’s Birthstone as the main or complementary stone adds a truly personal touch. Birthstones are also believed to hold special properties, protecting the wearers energy, making your ring extra special. 

We offer a range of stones so you choose the right option for you.

The cut and setting

The classics are classics for a reason but there’s more to an engagement ring than a solitaire (unless that’s your style!). How the stone is cut can completely change the appearance of your ring. While we love the classics like Cushion and Emerald, for a modern twist consider a Kite, Shield, or Hexagon instead. 

Once you’ve chosen the cut, it’s time to choose the setting. We have several that work with any cut, all available in 18ct white, rose, and yellow gold, and platinum. Our Juno Ring is beautiful a twist on the classic Solitaire. A nod to a classic pave, The Athena Ring is breathtaking, with 12 pave set round diamonds highlighting the main stone. A modern take on the classic triology, our Aphrodite Ring has two 4mm round side diamonds set either side of the main stone, while our Luna Ring has a pair of matching pear shape diamonds either side of the main stone. 

Your perfect ring

Your engagement ring will be worn every day for the rest of your life, so it’s important to make sure it’s right for you. These tips are a good starting point for the journey but we have many other options available to suit every style and budget so take a look at our Ready to Ship rings for inspiration.