From a young age, Sophia and Daniel watched their father make beautiful handcrafted jewellery in his London workshop. They would peer over his shoulder while he created pieces of art from precious metal and gems. Eventually, he gave Sophia and Daniel small bits of metal to mould and shape, it was the start of their passion for designing and creating bespoke jewellery.
Today, the brother and sister are lucky enough to share a mutual passion which was inspired by their talented father. Sophia and Daniel work together as a team; Sophia designs and Daniel handcrafts their jewellery collections.  They are proud to be based in the London workshop where their father first inspired them. 

Sophia Perez, Jewellery Designer 

Sophia wants creative women to be able to express their unique style and visions through their jewellery.  Every design has in mind a woman that is modern in ideas and gives them the option outside the traditional style of diamond jewellery.  Women that appreciate handcrafted high quality that will last the test of time yet has a modern twist. 

Daniel Perez, Jewellery Maker

Daniel has been handcrafting fine jewellery for over twenty years.  Originally serving his 5-year apprentice under his father at the age of seventeen, he went on to form his own company 10 years later.   After Sophia and Daniel had time to form their style, clients and companies, it felt natural and right to combine forces. 

Their sibling bond gives them a unique working relationship where they instinctively understand each others work and how a piece will come together using each of their skills. 

sophia-perez-jewellery-designer  daniel-perez-jewellery-designer