I love what you do, but I would like to adapt some of your designs. Can I do that? 

Yes! Due to all our jewellery being handmade, we can adapt designs any way you would like.  Change the metal, the stones, add stones, take stones away.... just let us know and we can work to your vision.

Can you make me a completely custom design?

Absolutely! Just let us know your idea, any sketches, photographs and your budget. We will make sure you get exactly what you want. 

Do your rings come in a box?

Yes, all rings come in a complimentary custom Sophia Perez Jewellery ring box ready for gifting. 
Do you offer a Warranty?
Yes, all Sophia Perez Jewellery products are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee against workmanship defect.  However, we do not cover neglect or abuse.  Sophia Perez Jewellery is not responsible for loss of stone if the prongs are damaged, bent or worn.  If care is taken, the piece is guaranteed to last many years due to the craftsmanship and expertise. 
The loss/ theft or damage of a centre stone is not covered under warranty and should be covered under your Home Owners Insurance policy.  Please contact your insurance company for more information, or we are able to recommend an insurance company with an expertise in jewellery. 
Do you offer a repair service?
Yes, please contact me to discuss the nature of your repair in greater detail.  
How do I find out what my ring size is?
The best way is to visit your local jewellery store and have your sizing done professionally.  You can also find manual sizing guides online.  If you supply the incorrect size, then we are not responsible for this.  We will gladly resize any Sophia Perez Jewellery ring, the current fee for this is £60 (which includes insured shipping) and takes approximately 7 working days.
How do I care for my Sophia Perez Jewellery?
The best way to clean one of our pieces is with a polishing cloth and gently wiping the metal surface.  Please do not use any jewellery cleaners or solutions as this could cause damage to the piece.   We provide a cleaning service if you want to safely restore your item of jewellery back to its former glory, the cost of which is £15 (including insured post).   Jewellery can accumulate a lot of dirt from the daily task such as cleaning, washing up and washing your hair.  Avoid wearing your rings/jewellery when carrying out tasks which include contact with these household chemicals.