Reuse, Recycle, Recreate - Creating New Pieces from Old Jewellery

All Sophia Perez Jewellery uses recycled gold, but did you know we can also transform your old jewellery? Using a unique process that maintains the integrity of any stones, we can take unloved jewellery and turn it into something you’ll want to show off. Looking after our planet has never been more important and recycling your existing jewellery into something new is an excellent way to do your part. Old-fashioned heirlooms gathering dust in the depths of your jewellery box, well-intentioned gifts that don’t suit your style, and pieces you’ve fallen out of love with can be given a new lease of life. 

The benefits of reusing your jewellery

Parting with a sentimental piece of jewellery can be tough, whether it’s an heirloom, gift, or something that holds a treasured memory. By reusing your jewellery, you’re able to keep its sentimental value while turning it into something you’re going to wear. Imagine how special it would be to walk down the aisle knowing you’re wearing a redesigned version of a piece that’s been in your family for generations. 

Sourcing new materials can have a detrimental impact on the planet, it’s one of the reasons I use recycled gold and ethically-sourced stones in every design. Using your existing jewellery is an excellent way to negate this. The metals and stones are already in existence, which means no harmful mining. The process of melting down the metal and resetting it is much more straightforward than refining new metal, again having a lower impact on the environment. 

We all have a piece (or several!) stashed at the back of our jewellery box that hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. Instead of donating or throwing them away, why not create something new? Beautiful jewellery is designed to be worn and reusing existing pieces can help you fall back in love with them. 

How it works

Whenever I redesign an existing piece of jewellery, I start by talking to you to understand its importance and what you’re hoping to achieve with the new piece. Perhaps you want something reminiscent of the current style with a modern twist. Or maybe you have a bolder look in mind. By understanding why you want to breathe new life into the jewellery I can help advise on the best way forward. Once I understand your vision, I can design something you’ll love for years. 

Once I’ve created a design I share it with you before beginning the process of reimagining your jewellery. Any stones are removed and kept safe before the metal is melted down and refined. Then I can get to work crafting something new, presenting you with the finished article a few weeks later. 

If you’d like to redesign an existing piece of jewellery, get in touch.