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What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

What are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and Pepper diamonds are an exciting new option in the diamond world.

For years, the main option for a bride has been the traditional white diamond. We have an abundance of options in so many areas of life, but for the ring that you will wear forever - there is a very narrow well trodden road that may or may not suit you. 

Well, not anymore.  We are celebrating that women are becoming a much bigger part in the ring decision-making.  And rightly want their ring to reflect their style, desires and ethics.  A large proportion of brides-to-be are not traditional in style, politics and mind-set.  Our clients want a unique ring that is both beautiful and ethical.   

Salt and pepper diamonds have become the go-to option for these wonderful women. Each diamond is totally unique as they each feature a one of a kind pattern of inclusions. These diamonds have a small universe inside each stone, the patterns can look like a galaxy of stars, a feather, clouds, wisps or crushed ice.  They have a modern feel, from edgy dark black diamonds to celestial icy white. 


Unlike white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds have 'flaws', 'imperfections' and inclusions. Everything you may know about diamonds can be put to one side, salt and pepper diamonds are not graded and do not abide by the 4 Cs (Colour, Clarity, Carat, Cut).  They come in all different shapes, sizes and various shades of white through to black, or a mix of both.   

The diamond world have always overlooked these stones. However, with a growing trend in individuality, a wariness of tradition and a move away from the idea of 'perfection', women are embracing this new option of natural stones.  


What are inclusions I hear you say!  Diamonds are formed in Earth's mantle, up to 160 kilometres below our feet.  They are formed by carbon atoms coming together under increased heat temperatures and pressure.  They are bought closer to the surface through volcanic eruptions.  As the crystals form, they sometimes trap other minerals inside.  These are known as inclusions and often appear as flecks or colours running through the stone.

Most importantly, salt and pepper diamonds are much less taxing on the environment than traditional white diamonds.  The 'perfect' diamond involves a few hundred tons of earth being extracted and shipped off (using a lot of fuel and labour) to be dug through in order to find one carat of clear diamond.  These diamonds are closer to the earth's surface and all of the diamonds found are able to be used.