We love to work with our client's ideas for the perfect ring and we welcome collaboration in creating a bespoke piece.  If you would like a custom ring handmade all we need is some information on what you are looking for.  Send us some sketched, photographs, elaborate on your ideas and what your budget looks like. 

We can then arrange a private consultation in our London workshop to discuss the ring in more detail.   If you live outside of London, then we are happy to speak over the phone or via video link. 

During the consultation, we can explore your ideas by sketching out some designs.  We can also show you a handpicked selection of diamonds that give you a balance between size, quality and value. 

Once you are totally happy, our rings take 3-4 weeks to complete unless you have a specific date it needs to be done by.  We will keep you updated throughout the process and even send you some photos of the ring in the making if you so wish. 

Contact us here if you are interested in a custom made ring. 

custom jewellery comsultation